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Not everyone is called to Go to another country and serve there. However the missionary cannot go or stay on the field without the ONGOING financial support from others.

Those that stay and those that go

Romans 10:14-15
But how can people call for help if they don’t know who to trust?
And how can they know who to trust if they haven’t heard of the
One who can be trusted? And how can they hear if nobody
tells them? And how is anyone going to tell them, unless
someone is sent to do it?

Here Paul acknowledges that there are others besides those that go.

There are a couple of ways that you can be involved financially with us.

Become a Partner

Here are the two options:
1) To setup an online Pledge, click here selecting the payment method that best suits your needs.
2) If you would prefer a physical copy, click here to download and print my Pledge form and send or email the completed form to the address on the bottom of the Pledge form.

ACCIM Missionary Support Pledge Form

You are not giving to us, but through us, and your partnership will allow us to reach those that you cannot.

One Off Gifts

If you would like to give a Once Off financial gift the bank details are below:

Name: ACC International Missions
BSB: 013384
ACC: 256194005
Reference: “VARGA GIFT” and YOUR NAME
If you would like acknowledgement/receipt please email: with your name and contact details.

Partnering Churches



Please pray for the release of Gods power and favour over the following prayer points:
  • Wisdom for establishing the work on Negros
  • To be led to the dark places
  • Learning to live in and adapt to the environment & culture
  • Language Learning
  • Strength & Patience
  • Continued favour with God & man
  • Creativity and ability to think outside the box
  • Homesickness
  • Health
  • Internet & phone coverage
  • Visa’s (are an ongoing process, needed to be redone every couple of months)
  • Signs, Wonders and the miraculous

Organise a fundraiser

Organise a fundraiser

Your gift or passion can easily be used to run a fundraiser. The ideas for a fundraiser are as endless as there are gifts & talents. If you would like to run a fundraiser on behalf of Hope Hands, please use the contact us form and stipulate your idea and timings. We will assist in any way possible to make it a great success.

Apply to Fundraise

Short-term Teams

Short-term Teams

Come & See!
Come & Be A Part Of!
Come & Get A Bigger World View!


Pastor Jeremy Greening, Senior Pastor Vineyard Christian Church, Stanthorpe QLD Australia
After going on a short term trip to the Philippines with Paula in December 2015 and having been on 2 previous trips as a team leader, I highly recommend to anyone reading this that you consider being part of a short term missions trip team to support Paula Varga on the field. The opportunities are endless and can be tailored to suit the gifts and abilities of the members of your team. As a Senior Pastor of a church, I love to see how the team testimonies that are brought home, impact and add to the faith and excitement within my own congregation. We think we go overseas to impact the people of the nation we are visiting but the truth is we ultimately come home radically changed and fired up to continue our mission of knowing Jesus and making Him known.

Individuals or Teams are welcome to apply

Apply for short-term team

Partner Testimonies

We are partnering with Ashley and Paula because we want to be part of caring for the lost and hurting of the world. They will be going to some of the most marginalised peoples of the world and I think it pleases the heart of God when we reach out to these folk. Jesus said “As much as you do this to the least you do it to me.” It is important for others to get on board because the burden is too hard for just one, but easier accomplished if we work together.
Pastor John Hunt ( ACC QLD State President) | Centro Church | Ipswich QLD Australia
Vineyard Christian church has decided to financially support Ashley and Paula in their new journey to the Philippines. All great churches understand the importance and value of supporting missionaries who work on the field. It really allows us to join hands with and be part of something far bigger than ourselves. We all can’t literally go to the utter most parts of our planet but I firmly believe we are all called to be part of the sending! It’s an absolute privilege to be one of the hands joined to Ashley and Paula’s ministry and we are believing for a journey filled with many great reports all to the glory of God!
Pastor Jeremy Greening | Vineyard Christian Church | Stanthorpe QLD Australia
What a great privilege to partner with Ashley & Paula as they begin their amazing journey in fulfilling their vision of serving the Lord in the Philippines. We are partnering with them because we see God all over their vision and their passion for the people of the Philippines is infectious. They have an urgency about them to fulfil the purposes of God according to Isaiah 49:6. As a church we believe it is beneficial to join ourselves together with Ashley & Paula who are like-minded people sold out for the Kingdom and together we are sowing seed for Eternity.
Pastors Patrick & Gina Deller | Brisbane Valley Christian Church | Esk QLD Australia
In 2013 my wife & I attended the ACCI Missions Conference in Phuket, Thailand and on the first night we met Ashley & Paula. The conversation we shared on that first evening centred on helping returned missionaries in Australia, and I was impressed as they showed great concern and insight. I was also struck by Ashley & Paula’s burden for the Philippines and the preparation, commitment and passion they demonstrated to fulfil the call of God on their lives. After prayer & consideration I believe God would have our church partner with them in their missionary call.
Pastor Brett Gaffney | Missions Director | Live Church | Girrawheen W.A. Australia