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paulaWhile Paula was home in Australia recuperating after her husband’s death she was seeking God for what and where to next.  In that process she felt that the work in the Philippines was to be continued by her. So through much prayer and wrestling with the Lord as well as seeking council from close Godly friends and her mission organization ACCI, Paula knew she was still called to this work. After saying YES to God and informing her mission organization ACCI and her family that she would return to the full time mission field in the Philippines, she then told God that she did not think she could do this work on her own. She put out a fleece to the Lord and told Him that if this was really Him wanting her to go back to the field, would He please send her a lady who felt she was called to go with her and assist her in this work.

Although Paula informed her mission organization and family and friends that it would be good to have someone go back with her, she never told anyone about the prayer she prayed. Paula thought that God even showed her who it was, however she disregarded it because of the ladies circumstances and because she thought this ladies heart was to be a missionary in a completely different country.

On the 12th July 2015, which was the 1st Anniversary of when Ashley & Paula had flown to the Philippines the year before in 2014, this exact same lady that God showed to Paula, contacted her to tell her that she believed God had told her that she was to go back with Paula to the Philippines and to commit for 1 year at this stage.

God is amazing and His Grace, mercy and favour has continued over Paula since her husband’s death. Paula has continued to keep an eternal perspective. 

Watch this space for some exciting new developments in the future!

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