Memorial to Ashley

Ashley PicThis page is in memory of our amazing Husband, Father, Grandfather & Poppa.

Balut is a Filipino delicacy and this was the last time Ashley got to eat Balut before he passed away. He loved eating it with the nationals and would suggest balut nights whenever he could.
Ashley and Balut

At the time of this video we were in Sydney doing World Harvest Institute (WHI). WHI is an intensive for those who feel they are called to the mission long term. We had been studying very hard and Ashley wanted us to take a break and play Ping Pong, but I did not want to take a break yet. He kept at me and at me to stop and have a game with him. Eventually he decided that he would play on his own. He had been playing for quite some time before I started to video him. It was just so hilarious.
Ashley and Ping Pong