One Team – One Dream!

In 2008 a Team of 9 of us from Centro Church, Ipswich Queensland, Australia went on a short term missions trip to Silay City & Cauayan on the Island of Negros, Philippines. Leading up to this trip and even while we were there our team seen God make every crooked path straight. Each one of us had our faith built and came home a different person because of what the Lord had done in us and through us.

We planted hundreds of seeds, ran children’s programs, visited a number of Primary & High Schools taking the gospel in creative ways like science experiments and song and spoke on the danger of drugs. We gave free haircuts and massages to the squatters areas, played with the children and played basketball with the men & boys in the squatters areas. The team also preached the gospel, prayed for the people and ran feeding programs in those same squatters areas. The highlight of the trip was definitely being invited to the Military Base in Cauayan where 8 soldiers and 1 prisoner gave their hearts to the Lord. They then invited us to go down to their shooting range and have a go shooting the M16’s. The Military do not just invite anyone to their shooting range, therefore we knew this invitation was a huge privilege and a very humbling and exhilarating experience at the same time.

Our team consisted of an Antiques Dealer, a Mum, a Child Care Worker, apprentice Hairdresser, a High School Student, a Teacher, a hospitality worker and two uni students one studying massage & the other studying human services. What a varied bunch, but what an awesome bunch. Does not matter what you do for a living or how old you are…you need to go on a short term missions trip.

GO…and then you can explain to others why they need to GO..

Enjoy watching the video below which shows a snippet of what we got up to on this trip.


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Ashley & Paula

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