The Cry Of The Poor

For months & months I have had a phrase going over and over in my head…


These words pervade my thoughts and my heart on a daily basis. My prayer life is sabotaged as I find myself interceding for the poor, and on two occasions during my prayer time I have had what I could only explain as a vision. I actually seen hundreds and hundreds of people with their arms outstretched to me crying and wailing. I believe it was the poor crying out. It was chilling and disturbing to me at first as I felt extremely overwhelmed by the desperateness in their cries.

I know God is doing a greater work in my heart for our work ahead in the Philippines. But I have been challenged to open my eyes for those around me here in Australia.

One of the major influences in Ashley’s and my life are Missionaries Roland & Heidi Baker. The Bakers were the main speakers at a conference that we were recently privileged to attend. As Heidi spoke she told two stories which highlighted the concept of “LOVE LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING”. I was immensely touched and challenged to the core. In the first story she explained how many many people in Africa have to walk to get their water and she outlined the dangers facing these people as they walk….some an hour, some 5 hours, some for 8 hours…and then they have to walk home again. I do not need to write here those dangers as I am sure you can assume what they would be. Many are children & young people who walk these distances. Heidi goes onto to say,  “This is why we drill wells in or near the villages…because LOVE LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING”. Her second story so profoundly effected me, that it caused me to be much more aware of those around me and what they may be going through. Heidi begins to tell the story of her visiting her people in her village. She came across this lady who had a severely disabled son that she looks after. When Heidi asked her how she was the lady said she was not good. When Heidi began to ask more questions she found out what was actually wrong. She discovered that this lady was being raped EVERY NIGHT…simply because she had no door on her hut. Heidi met this ladies need and put a door on her hut that locked…and the Rape stopped.  

As in the words of Heidi Baker…“right where we are we can stop for the one in front of us.

God has shown me that “The Cry of the Poor” does not necessarily mean economically poor. People are crying out all over our neighbourhoods. There are people all around us who are lonely, hopelessness is suffocating people, so many are being swallowed up in the black holes of depression, marriages are disintegrating, loss of jobs, loss of loved ones, franticness of trying to make ends meet, the inadequacies of parenthood, peer pressure, people simply need a friend and to be accepted.

People need our time, finances and resources, we need to show people God’s Love and that comes through action & doing. The Gospel is so much more attractive when people are shown God’s love and not just told…God loves you.

We have to have eyes that see past our own busyness and selfishness. I must admit I did not realise how selfish I am.

Our challenge is to identify & make the time to Answer the “The Cry of the Poor” around us!


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