Waiting For Our Isaac

Over the last 17 years there have been so many times that we just really felt like nothing around us even remotely confirmed our calling to the Philippines and there was definitely no one in our world coming beside us and validating that they seen in us what we believed God had given us. One day in my devotions I was reading the story of Abraham and Sarah and the promise God gave Abraham about becoming a father. After waiting many years, Abraham and Sarah got impatient, therefore Ishmael was born.

God spoke to me very clearly in this time about not creating an Ishmael in regards to getting to the overseas mission field full time. I knew we were to wait for our Isaac. This was not easy, but God showed me through this story that in waiting for God's timing, there would come blessing, favor and fruitfulness. Trying to make something happen would only bring heartache, strife & hostility.

Abraham and Sarah thought that their time was running out and had to do something to make their promise/dream happen - many of us do the same thing. We need to remember that God's time is not our time, His Ways are far above our ways.

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